VSCode and strange behavior of Console Window

The normal behavior of the PowerShell console window in Visual Studio code is like below.

The PowerShell console windows is in the terminal window.

But if you are playing around with settings like me for fun or for
education you can run in to this:

The console window/windows will be external from VSCode.
Not that fun!

I uninstalled VSCode, deleted all folders with my files and with the extensions.
And when I installed it again I had the same result.

Then I came across the setting in the bottom of the PowerShell Console.
Use legacy console.

VSCode warned me about it in a notification once.
It’s just to change back, unclick it.

You find it if you right click on the PowerShell icon in the left upper corner and chose properties.

Close the consoles and restart VSCode OR press Shift,Ctrl + P (Command Palette).
And write Restart, and clicking on PowerShell Restart Current Session.
This is a nice feature in VSCode for PowerShell. No need to restart VSCode if you have
some small issues with PowerShell. Just restart the session!

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