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LabAD Structure

It’s important to have a lab environment and to have a lab AD.And It’s important to have a lab AD with users, computers, OUs, Groups etc.Almost like your production AD. The easy way is...


PowerShell summer tips 04

PowerShell Summer Tips #4 When working with PowerShell my recommendation is allways to start PowerShell with Run As Administrator. Why? Try this without doing it:

You can be administrator on the computer It...


PowerShell summer tips 03

PowerShell are object oriented and the output will be an object in most cases. An object contains methods and properties. To get these members we can use the cmdlet Get-Member.

This is a...


PowerShell summer tips 02

Second PowerShell summer tips is Get-Help. Get-Help and Get-Command is the 2 most important PowerShell commands according to me.  


PowerShell summer tips 01

Welcome to my PowerShell summer tips. I will be posting summer tips as a nice reading on your vacation. It will be short blog posts about nice to have PowerShell commands and other nice...


ListView – Select All

I got a question about select all on a ListView in the comments on the original blog post about ListView and here I will show how to do it. Select All and Deselect All...



For me the structure for my scripts are one of the most important thing. Create a structure for your scripts Regardless if it’s on your local computer or on a server Use the same...


Allways think before

This is the second post from my session about thinking before scripting in an business environment. Or what to think about when scriptning. ALLWAYS think before scripting. Okay, this is good to do all the...