Remove recent files and projects from PowerShell Studio

A Tips and trix from an consultant and trainer that loves PowerShell Studio.

Sometimes when you are in front of customers or people that you should show PowerShell Studio for, you don’t want to show what you have been up to lately.

To hide/clear/remove the Recent Files and Recent Projects you either can go to the start page and go to the bottom and click on the “Do not show this page on startup“.

Or If you are like me. I like the Start Page. So I do it the PowerShell way thru the registry.
And I also removes the Recent Documents.

Recent Files, Recent Documents and Recent Projects are all located under:
Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SAPIEN Technologies, Inc.\PowerShell Studio 2017
As Keys.

PowerShell Studio will check these keys at start and end.
So we can delete them. But we need to delete them when PowerShell Studio is not started.
Or else your current recent stuff will be saved when you close PowerShell Studio.

My simple script for this is:

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