Visual Studio Code

As some of you already know, Microsoft has stopped developed PowerShell ISE,
the built in PowerShell editor (PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment).

And the new PowerShell editor that Microsoft will support and want us to use is Visual Studio Code with the PowerShell extension.

I love It and have been using It for some time now.

In my PowerShell classes and on some PowerShell events I have been showing Visual Studio Code and some small trix.
But I wanted to show more nice stuff so I decided to record a video and publish It on Youtube.

In this Video I will show:

I will show the basic stuff plus some tweaks and nice to have stuff.

The video can be found on my Youtube channel or below.

The presentation can be found at under Visual Studio Code and
the uninstall script can be found at under Visual Studio Code

The settings that I show in Visual Studio Code is in a settings.json file.

Go to Command Palette, Shift-Ctrl + P, write settings and choose the one with (JSON).
I have saved my settings in settings.json and It kan be found at my PowerShell repository under Visual Studio Code. Just copy and paste the settings in your settings file and save (Ctrl-S).

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