Visual Studio Code and Basic PS settings

One step in my automatic installation of Visual Studio Code is to do my settings as well.
This blog post will only show the settings, not the installation of the extension.
I will show how to do that In a post about automatic installation of Visual Studio Code.

I have a set of basic settings that I always want.
Settings so I can show Visual Studio Code on a projector and use Visual Studio Code with PowerShell as my default file format.

These are also the basic settings from PowerShell ISE that Visual Studio Code does not have by default If you want to edit PowerShell scripts as default I think.

Maybe It are some more settings then these, but these are the ones that I missed and want to change back to every time I install Visual Studio Code from the start.

All of the settings are stored in settings.json file and It’s easy to just copy and paste It.

I made a function that downloads my settings.json file from my PowerShell GitHub repository and place It in the right folder.

If you like It you can download my function and use It.
It can be used against my file (default) and against your own settings.json file If you store It on GitHub or somewhere else on Internet.

The function can be downloaded from my PowerShell GitHub repository here.

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