For me the structure for my scripts are one of the most important thing.

  • Create a structure for your scripts
  • Regardless if it’s on your local computer or on a server
  • Use the same all the time


  • To find your own scripts easily after some time
  • So your coworkers can find your scripts
  • So you can find your coworkers scripts

If you don’t have a structure and you create scripts everywhere you like.
Then you might have scripts in your c:\ root, c:\scripts, your documents folder, in a script editors path, on a share,
on a cloud share etc etc

I try to work with folders for my scripts.
Then use folders for log files, images, settings etc.

This gives me a structure that I know and that is easy to find.

I have a structure for my development and a structure for my scripts that can be used in production.

I backup my structures to OneDrive so that I can do mistakes locally 🙂


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