When working with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) you often want to add stuff to, change or read CustomSettings.ini in a way or another.

To change a value of a property in an ini file you can do this in many ways.
You can install a module, you can replace a whole string with another or you can search for a property and set a new value.

If you know the whole string like “TaskSequenceID=REF-RCPOC03” it’s easy to just replace it.
But If the value like “REF-RCPOC03” can be whatever then you need to search for the property and then split the string and just get the value.

And then replace the string with the property + “=” + value.

Something like:

The easiest way is to create functions for this to Add, Set and Get.

3 of my CustomSettings.ini functions can be found on my PowerShell GitHub repo.


Okay, this will NOT work okay if you have a more complex customsettings.ini with lots of sections AND same property under more then one section.
But it’s an easy way if you have a small standard customsettings.ini for REF image creation or something like that.

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