PowerShell and Visual Studio Code on Linux

I have recorded a short video about setting up an dev/lab environment for PowerShell and Visual Studio Code on Linux.

I’m using Hyper-V on Windows 10.
It’s super easy to Install Ubuntu in Hyper-V.
and then download and Install PowerShell 7.0 RC1 and Visual Studio Code.

This can be done in the terminal using commands. But in this video I’m using Firefox to download and the GUI way to install the packages.

The last thing I show is one of the things we need a dev/test environment in Linux for.
Some stuff in PowerShell are not like in Windows. Because of how the operating systems are built.
So when I show my function for downloading settings.json It will not work because of the environment variable $env:APPDATA.
So If we are doing scripts/functions etc that we want to work in both Windows and Linux we need to think and test some extra.

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