LabAD Structure

Lab AD

It’s important to have a lab environment and to have a lab AD.
And It’s important to have a lab AD with users, computers, OUs, Groups etc.
Almost like your production AD.

The easy way is to have a PowerShell script that creates a OU structure with this.

When I talk about PowerShell or teaches PowerShell I often shows my lab environment and my PowerShell script.

It’s a script that uses a xml file for settings like how many users, Laptops, workstations, servers and countrys you want.

The script will also use files with Given and Surnames to create “real” users.

So in a couple of minutes you will have a couple of hundred fresh users, computers and groups.

Run your scripts or make changes in the structure.
Just delete the LabOU and run the script and It will be fresh.

And you can do this over and over again!

The scripts, settings file and name files can be found at my PowerShell Github repository.

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