Create WiFi poster

Back at the PowerShell Conference Europe Tobias Weltner showed the QRCodeGenerator PowerShell module.

It’s a nice module with 3 functions.

In this post I will focus on one of them, the New-QRCodeWifiAccess.
Together with Word and a logo I will create a word file in landscape with a QR Code to connect to WiFi network.

But first I will show the basics about the module.

This will create a png file with a QR Code to connect to WiFi.

But the picture is 4100×4100 and thats not nice on a word document.
So we need to resize it to 410×410.

Thats the QR Code part.

Now lets create a word document with a logo in it.


And if you use your Phone to read the QR Code you will be able to connect to the WiFi directly.

This is basicaly all the code that is needed.
My code is located at my PowerShell Github repository.
The script is called Create-WiFiPoster.ps1 and contains my PowerShell function

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