Create Real Fake Names 9 years

9 years ago I started my project of “Create Real Fake Names” with PowerShell.

Then It was a script with some function that created random given names and surnames to use in lab environments.
And the project has been posted to my old blogs and to Technet gallery.

The problem that I have had in the past is that the source url for Swedish names have been changed now and then.

My project will change a little bit now when I’m updating my blog and where I put my scripts and projects.
I have started to publish this project to my PowerShell Github repository,
Under Real Fake Names.

News to the project:

  • From now on I will publish my functions for this project separated and with example scripts.
  • Using API for Sweden
  • Changed UK to England and Wales
  • Added support for:
    Denmark (Given names)
    Finland (Given names)
    Norway (Given and Surnames)
  • Import files will be published as well under the folder Imported


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