Build an inventory tool

I had an session about building an PowerShell GUI application in less then 40 minutes with Sapien PowerShell Studio and the Microsoft Active Directory module at the PowerShell User Group Sweden meeting on the 10:th of December.

This blog series will show how to build that application that I built then from start to finish plus lots of extra stuff.

Photo: Niklas Åkerlund

The short story of the application is that we have an Active Directory with computers and wan’t to store inventory/asset information for them.

As shown below in the finished application we want Cost Center and Owner for the computers.

I will start to show how to accomplish this in the PowerShell console and then go from there to create a nice PowerShell GUI application.

To be able to do this in my Lab environment I use my LabAD script to setup an lab AD structure with Users and Computers.

I will use displayname to store the owner and location to store the cost center.

In my next post I will show how to use the Microsoft Active Directory module for this.

Build an inventory tool series:
Inventory tool part 2

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