Allways think before

This is the second post from my session about thinking before scripting in an business environment.
Or what to think about when scriptning.

ALLWAYS think before scripting.
Okay, this is good to do all the time when scripting.

  • What type of script should you do?
  • Why should you do It?
  • What and who will be involved?
  • How many clients/servers will it be runed from?
  • Think larger
  • Thing same

This can sound strange, but It’s not 🙂

All of these questions are relevant to find out how complex the script needs to be.
And these follow question are relevant as well.

What is the purpose of the script?
How much validation do you need?
How much dependencies do you need to handle?
Will the script be signed, so you and your collegues can’t change it as often as you want?
Will End users run it?

Think that you are not the only one that will use it and think that the script can run into errors.

These are some things to think about.
I will go into some of them further in later posts.

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