MSI Information Tool

I posted this tool the first time in 2014 on,
when I was working with MSI packaging.

The tool is now updated and published to my Github repository.

MSI Information tool is a tool that will get:

  • Product Name
  • Product Version
  • Product Code
  • Manufacturer

Directly from the MSI file.

Browse for the msi file, press Get.
Mark the text you want to copy and then press copy and you have the information you want!

A small but nice tool if you are working with application distribution or MSI packaging.

You can download it herewith PowerShell Studio source file and .ps1 file.
Feel free to look at the source to learn more about creating graphical Tools with PowerShell Studio.

If you don’t like PowerShell GUI tools but wants to get information from MSI files.
Take a look at my Get-MSIInformation function below:


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