Get productcode from a WiX Toolset package

When doing automation we want to automate stuff and to get productcode/GUID for installation is one of the things we want when automate application installations.

To get a GUID from an .msi file is not so hard.
I have written a tool and functions for this.

But to get a GUID for an .exe setup file is hard.
Because the GUID is not there.

Some setup.exe files is just a wrapper/package of some kind.
And If the wrapper is made with WiX Toolset we can get the information from the BootstrapperApplicationData.xml file.

We can get this file without the WiX Toolset tool.

  1. Open up the %TEMP% folder in file explorer.
  2. Start the setup.exe file.
  3. There will be 2 new folders created, named {*}.
  4. Locate the folder that contains a folder called .ba.
  5. Open up the BootstrapperApplicationData.xml file and search for ProductCode.
  6. Close the setup.exe application.

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