Exe Application Information Tool

This is a tool I put together from another tool that I have been using in my work for a while.
But it’s the first time in this shape and first time I’m sharing It with others.

I’m a lazy person and a person who likes to get lots of information.
Thats a bad combo 🙂
Thats why I automate as much as I can.

In the case below. It’s an Intel Video Driver from HP.
SP79322 does not say so much.

And if we are going to deploy this application/driver with Configuration Manager or another system like that we need
as much information as we can.

Just browse for the file and click Get.

To copy the information. Just mark it and click Copy.

If we browse and choose a .exe file with no Product Name information or No Product Version information
we will get the result as below.

The PowerShell GUI tool can be downloaded from my Github repository.

If you are not an PowerShell GUI person but like the idea.
Take a look at my Get-ExeApplicationInformation function.
It’s located in the same folder as the rest as a separate .ps1 file.


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