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Enable ISE Mode in VSCode

If you like the settings that you had in PowerShell ISE you can enable ISE Mode in VSCode if you have some of the latest releases of thePowerShell extension. You will get these settings...


Clear-Host in VSCode

If you have been working with Visual Studio Code and the PowerShell extension for a while you probablyhave seen that Clear-Host only will clear the visible Terminal window. If you scroll up in the...


PowerShell and Visual Studio Code on Linux

I have recorded a short video about setting up an dev/lab environment for PowerShell and Visual Studio Code on Linux. I’m using Hyper-V on Windows 10.It’s super easy to Install Ubuntu in Hyper-V.and then...


Install Visual Studio Code

Uninstall Visual Studio Code silently with an function is pretty nice.Like in this post. And to install Visual Studio Code automatic is very easy to.Thanks to Microsoft. If you go to the VSCode marketplace...



When installing Visual Studio Code from downloaded setup file you can chose if you want toAdd “Open with Code” action to Windows Explorer file context menu andAdd “Open with Code” action to Windows Explorer...


Update of Uninstall-VisualStudioCode

I updated my Uninstall-VisualStudioCode function to uninstall Visual Studio Code system installation as well. The updated function can be found at my PowerShell GitHub repository.


Visual Studio Code

As some of you already know, Microsoft has stopped developed PowerShell ISE,the built in PowerShell editor (PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment). And the new PowerShell editor that Microsoft will support and want us to use...


Uninstall Visual Studio Code

I have been working a lot with Visual Studio Code lately and needed a way to re-install it quickly.So I created a function that will Uninstall Visual Studio Code. With the -Force switch it...