Author: Fredrik



When installing Visual Studio Code from downloaded setup file you can chose if you want toAdd “Open with Code” action to Windows Explorer file context menu andAdd “Open with Code” action to Windows Explorer...


Update of Uninstall-VisualStudioCode

I updated my Uninstall-VisualStudioCode function to uninstall Visual Studio Code system installation as well. The updated function can be found at my PowerShell GitHub repository.


Visual Studio Code

As some of you already know, Microsoft has stopped developed PowerShell ISE,the built in PowerShell editor (PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment). And the new PowerShell editor that Microsoft will support and want us to use...


Uninstall Visual Studio Code

I have been working a lot with Visual Studio Code lately and needed a way to re-install it quickly.So I created a function that will Uninstall Visual Studio Code. With the -Force switch it...


Two ways of checking PowerShell version

If your script needs a certain version of PowerShell you can check this in your script. The easy easy way is to use #Requires. This way you get an error message if the script...



I like and use functions as often as I can and I teach my students to create and use It.One of my functions that I have been digging out of my repository at home...


Lab AD script

When I’m teaching PowerShell or talking PowerShell at events I often shows my Lab AD script as a tool for making a lab environment fast If you use AD. Now I’m working on some...


PowerShell event 20191104

I Måndags så höll jag en Powershell presentation hos Addskills Cornerstone i Göteborg. Tack alla 50+ som kom, det var riktigt skoj att så många tog sig tid att komma dit. Tack till Addskills...