Author: Fredrik


PowerShell summer tips 02

Second PowerShell summer tips is Get-Help. Get-Help and Get-Command is the 2 most important PowerShell commands according to me.  


PowerShell summer tips 01

Welcome to my PowerShell summer tips. I will be posting summer tips as a nice reading on your vacation. It will be short blog posts about nice to have PowerShell commands and other nice...


Import MDT PowerShell module

When using PowerShell with MDT you need to import the MDT PowerShell module. The module is located in the Bin folder under the MDT installation folder. If you have installed MDT on C: then...


First Webinar

I will be delivering my first webinar on June the 19:th. Get started with PowerShell (in Swedish). The webinar was fully booked in a day. Thats really nice! I will also deliver a basic...


Install latest MDT automatically

When working with deployment you often need to setup Microsoft Deployment Toolkit. This can take some time. To find the right install files and then install it. But there is another way. The PowerShell...


Create Real Fake Names 9 years

9 years ago I started my project of “Create Real Fake Names” with PowerShell. Then It was a script with some function that created random given names and surnames to use in lab environments....


The presentation of me

Hello, this is my first presentation of me, this blog, my youtube channel and my twitter. The blog have some content, I’m relative active on Twitter and my Youtube channel will be more active...



When I wrote my Get-PingStatus function back in 2009 I did it because I needed a way to see if a network resource was up or not. And when Test-Connection came I could use...