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For me the structure for my scripts are one of the most important thing. Create a structure for your scripts Regardless if it’s on your local computer or on a server Use the same all the time Why? To find your own scripts easily after some time So your coworkers can find your scripts So you can find your coworkers scripts If you don’t have a structure and you create scripts everywhere you like. Then you might have scripts in your c:\ root, c:\scripts, your documents folder, in a script editors path, on a share, on a cloud share etc […]

Allways think before

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This is the second post from my session about┬áthinking before scripting in an business environment. Or what to think about when scriptning. ALLWAYS think before scripting. Okay, this is good to do all the time when scripting. What type of script should you do? Why should you do It? What and who will be involved? How many clients/servers will it be runed from? Think larger Thing same This can sound strange, but It’s not ­čÖé All of these questions are relevant to find out how complex the script needs to be. And these follow question are relevant as well. What […]

Scripting, Code and APIs the good, bad and the ugly

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Hello, I did a session on – Client days at Microsoft in Akalla, Sweden last Thursday.   The session was about thinking before scripting in an business environment. I talked about: Always think before Structure Name Comments No hardcoded Administrator Control aka Validating Dependencies Error handling Log handling Editors This was my first session for a larger group (~150 people). It was fun to talk about something I like. Thanks to Stefan and J├Ârgen for letning me talk to the group and thanks to Nickolaj for the support on stage. In 11 posts I will write about what I […]