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Top 50 PowerShell Blogs And Websites For Developers 0

Top 50 PowerShell Blogs And Websites For Developers

I have been bloging about PowerShell for lots of years and Co-Founded the PowerShell User Group Sweden and I’m one of the┬ácommunity leaders for It. I love to blog and I love to bring...



For me the structure for my scripts are one of the most important thing. Create a structure for your scripts Regardless if it’s on your local computer or on a server Use the same...


Allways think before

This is the second post from my session about thinking before scripting in an business environment. Or what to think about when scriptning. ALLWAYS think before scripting. Okay, this is good to do all the...

Adding old content to this blog 0

Adding old content to this blog

Hello, I’m currenly adding old updated stuff that I have published before at or at I will rewrite about 30 articles that I know people have missed. The rewrite is due to...



I have been working with this function for a long time. And now it’s time to share it with you.

It’s a function for looking up computer objects in the AD without the...


Real Fake Names

In some blog articles over 7 years I have been writing two functions to create real names to use with creating Active Directory Lab user accounts. And when I started to go thru my...