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Niklas Goude is an author, trainer, and technical consultant for TrueSec in Sweden. Niklas specializes in the Microsoft environment, focusing on Active Directory, SQL Server, and SharePoint products and technologies. Most of his daily work is performed by using Windows PowerShell. He is also active as a trainer, teaching courses that are focused on Windows PowerShell, and he has been a speaker at various conferences, such as Microsoft Tech Days, SharePoint & Exchange Forum, and SharePoint conferences in Australia and New Zealand. Niklas is active within the Windows PowerShell community, acting as a moderator for the Official Scripting Guys Forum and as an expert at He wrote PowerShell for SharePoint 2010 Administrators with Mattias Karlsson, a former colleague, and an ebook about Windows PowerShell (in Swedish), Kom igang med PowerShell, which covers the fundamentals of Windows PowerShell and can be downloaded for free. Niklas contributes to the Windows PowerShell community by sharing scripts, guides, and ideas through his blog. Niklas lives in Stockholm, Sweden with his wife Anna, his collection of guitars, and a lot of computers.


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