Scripting, Code and APIs the good, bad and the ugly

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Hello, I did a session on – Client days at Microsoft in Akalla, Sweden last Thursday.   The session was about thinking before scripting in an business environment. I talked about: Always think before Structure Name Comments No hardcoded Administrator Control aka Validating Dependencies Error handling Log handling Editors This was my first session for a larger group (~150 people). It was fun to talk about something I like. Thanks to Stefan and Jörgen for letning me talk to the group and thanks to Nickolaj for the support on stage. In 11 posts I will write about what I […]

Adding old content to this blog

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Hello, I’m currenly adding old updated stuff that I have published before at or at I will rewrite about 30 articles that I know people have missed. The rewrite is due to that the original posts was from 2009 to 2-3 years ago and I have updated my functions and stuff over and over. When I’m done with that I will add lots of new stuff. I have been away from bloggning a couple of years, but I have not been inactive with scripting 🙂 Best Regards, Fredrik